5 Roulette Tips for Beginners

Majority of new players tend to get intimidated by game of roulette because of its numerous betting options.  In reality it is one of the easiest games provided by online and offline casinos and highly recommended for newbies to start their gaming careers.  For the uninitiated, Roulette comes in three forms which include

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette

Each of these three variant has their own set of rules and different roulette wheels.  Even the house edge differs in all three of them as French roulette comes with the lowest house edge of 1.35 percent; European roulette with 2.67 and the American roulette with highest house edge of 5.26 percent.  As it can be quite clear from their house edges, European and French roulette are best suited for beginners.  The other tips for roulette are also discussed in this article which can help you to make a better choice while making your first wager.

Always Try Free Tables

Before putting down your first bet, it is highly recommended that you should opt for playing some spins on free table.  This will allow you to understand the working of the game as well as clearing some of your doubts related to bets.  Once you are fully assured of your capabilities only then you should consider making real money bets.

Opt for European Roulette

As mentioned earlier, European roulette comes with the lowest house edge.  The wheel of this game has 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36.  As compared to American roulette, this game only has one zero thus lowering the house edge.  On the other hand American roulette because of its double zero helps in increasing the profit margin of the operator.  The other thing which makes European roulette unique is the fact that all the numbers on wheel are placed randomly consequently decreasing the chances of a loaded game.

Opt for Tables with Less Crowd

Opting for roulette tables with fewer crowds helps a player to make betting decision at his own pace.  With too many players thronging a single table can lead to a slow game thus decreasing chances of participating in maximum number of games in shortest period of time.  The other thing which slows the pace of game is the payments being done to the other players.

Check the Wheel

Before participating in the game it is suggested that you should check the wheel by spinning it a few times.  This will help you to ascertain whether the wheel is rigged to be biased or not.  There is always a chance that a particular wheel tends to give out more odd numbers as compared to even ones or the other way.  This can help you to make better bets.  This tip is for the players who tend to go to a land based casino, if you are playing roulette online then opt only for a reputed casino or website.

Start with Outside Bets

Instead of making complicated bets which you don’t understand it is much worthwhile starting with outside bets.  These bets include betting on colours, odd or even and high or low numbers.  Though the returns on these betting options are considerably lower than the ones provided with inside bet, but by opting for the former you can win more frequently.

Blackjack vs. Roulette: Which is the best game?


If we consider characteristics of both Blackjack and Roulette, they don’t have anything in common.  While the first one is a card game which involves competing with the dealer to hit a blackjack, the other one is played by using a spinning wheel to bet upon certain numbers, colors and other choices provided on the game board.

If we ask this question to the aficionados of both games each one might have their own reasons to favor their favorite game.  Some people who like to play roulette online have certain reasons favoring the online version as compared to the one played in land based casinos.  Same goes for the people who like to play Blackjack.

In this article we will go through some of the major differences between these two games so that you can select the right one as your favorite.  While going through the characteristics of blackjack in this article, you should keep in mind that there are many variants of Blackjack currently available at casinos and we are only discussing classic Blackjack here.

Difference of Odds

The odds provided in the game of Roulette never change.  They do not depend upon the course of the game nor on the results of previous bets.  For example the odds of betting on black are always in the range of 18/38 to 18/37 in the favor of a player to win the bet.  This happens because each spin is totally independent.  So when you are playing roulette, try to acknowledge this simple fact and do not try to find an edge in this game by taking into consideration the previous spins.  

In the game of Blackjack the results are totally dependent upon the previous results and the quality of the remaining cards in the deck.  Just consider a situation where all the aces have been already dealt, then analyse your chances to hit a blackjack.  In this game, once a card is dealt it is gone out of the game.  This totally changes the composition of the deck as well as the outcomes along with increasing the house edge.

Concept of Strategy vs. Chance

If the game of Roulette is based on pure chance and luck, Blackjack requires game strategy and ability to count cards.  A smart player can easily change the house edge of Blackjack in his favor while in the case of Roulette it is not possible.  The house edge in Roulette never changes whatever the circumstances may be, it will remain the same.  For example in American Roulette the house edge stands at 5.26 percent.  It will remain same through the whole course of the game without getting affected by the outcomes of previous spins.

The game of Blackjack provides its players with a chance to make certain decisions through course of the game which can make house edge to go in any of the two ways between the dealer or the player.  It is quite common for experienced players to use some basic strategies which involve mathematically correct decision for a particular situation.  They use their memory to make that decision.     


If we consider the pace of both the games, Blackjack is bit faster as compared to roulette in wagers being made per hour.  You can play up to 60 hands if there are other five players on the table.  On contrary, if you are playing roulette with five players then chances are that you will have 30 to 35 spins per hour.

Does this favor Blackjack over Roulette? Certainly it does not.  Selecting between these two games depends upon your gaming style and personality.  If you want a slow paced, elegant game based on chance and luck then Roulette is certainly the best choice.  While a penchant for card games and ability to enjoy a challenge of making a strategy and correct decisions makes  Blackjack your preferred choice.

3 Reasons I Like Live Roulette Online

There is a lot of discussion recently about the popularity  don’t have a preference and I enjoy playing casino games at brick and mortar casinos or online with live dealers. However, if you ask me to choose between the two then I ll probably go for live casino online especially for live roulette and here are the reasons why.

live roulette online casino

Why I prefer Live Roulette online

  • The main reason is convenience. I don’t have to go out of my house, i can stay on my comfy clothes, I can watch TV, have food, have a drink and at the same time play live roulette online. The live dealers are always very polite and friendly and if am not in the mood for chatting then they don’t see my grumpy face. Win – Win!7


  • Another reason is the ability of multi gaming online. I can play on 2 tables at the same time and enjoy live blackjack at the same time i am enjoying live roulette


  • Final reason is the ability to place the same bets again and again just by clicking rebet or double etc, instead of leaning all over the table to place my chips. I like to play roulette with a specific system and my systems requires a few rebets, so for me its a big time and hassle saver.

I am sure there are plenty of other reasons that someone can chose to play live roulette or any other game online vs going to his/hers local casino. However, one thing that is very important for me is also the human physical interaction at the brick and mortar casino. Even though the live dealers online is as real as it gets, interactive etc, i am still a big fan of physical interaction and that is why 8 out of 10 times I will choose my local casino to go and play.