Why is Online Poker So Popular?

Since the time of its inception, online poker has been attracting lots of new players to the gaming sites.   In the 90s when the online version of the poker was launched, nobody seemed to have an idea about the impact it would make on the future of online gaming.  Online poker today is one of the most played card games with players from all corners of the globe.  Poker variants such Texas Hold’em and Omaha have specially witnessed a growing affinity by the online players. Compared to other casino games like blackjack, roulette or even slot games online poker has increased massively in popularity in just a decade.

Did you know? In Greece they call slot games ” froutakia ” which also mean small fruits… 🙂

The rising popularity of the online poker can be attributed to the fact that it is a great source of entertainment.

As people are getting too busy in their professions and daily life, the fun factor is just getting depleted.

By participating in online poker they are not only getting entertained but also having a chance to pit their skills against competitors from across the world.

The other factors which make online poker so popular also include the following:

Ease of Availability

The rising popularity of the online poker is due to the fact that in today’s world internet is accessible to all men and women irrespective of where they reside.  Not only they have internet connectivity via their desktops, mobiles also play an active role in internet access.

These devices allow the players to participate in their favorite game even while on the move.  If you own a mobile, the only thing further required is a reliable internet connection and you can start straightway.  You don’t have to be dependent on anyone to be your gaming partner or travel to some far corner to access the game of poker.  It is right there in your hand and you can play poker at anytime of your liking.

Competition Available 24X7

The other factor which contributes to the rising popularity of the online poker is the gaming community.

Online poker provides the player an access to a large number of players with varying degrees of experience.  Online poker community consists of a large number of skillful players who are always looking out to meet new players.  If you like to play against a veteran player to check your skills, online poker platform is the best option.

No Big Risks Involved

In order to hone your skills in poker, you require practice.  This, you cannot do by playing games with your local friends or by visiting a casino.  The online casinos and poker sites also provide their players with free poker games which are not available at the land based casinos.

 You can start playing practice games on these sites and then further add on little money in the real money games.  When you feel confident of your skills then you can opt for playing with desired amount of money against more skillful players.

Reeling in Easy Money

If you have a requisite amount of experience then you can use online poker to reel in some easy money.  The only way money can be generated in a game of poker is when you are playing against a player with lesser experience.  Online poker sites are the best options to find such small fishes.  These are the new players without any experience of the game and a shark like you can easily make them your meal.

Top 3 Las Vegas casinos – 2017 update

las vegasSo what are the best casinos in Las Vegas? Well, whether you are searching for an excellent casino, or a hotel, this list will offer you a head-start on finding the perfect locality to stay. When you imagine of Las Vegas, some images undoubtedly comes into your mind. But truly, there is nothing you could think that comes close to the ultimate casino experience. Slot machine games, roulette tables, blackjack tab les and many many more games all over… everywhere! It is something you have to observe for yourself! But what really makes Las Vegas so special? It’s a proud history of luxury and fun.

Truly, no trip is perfect without visiting the renowned Las Vegas. And if planning to take a trip to Las Vegas, here are the top 3 Las Vegas casinos leading the way in style, sophistication, and excitement:

  1. The Bellagio

Actually, the casino is a jewel in the crown of Las Vegas casinos. Extreme class and luxury coupled with palpable exhilaration of the game-floor makes Bellagio an icon of Las Vegas. The poker room is luxurious and has turned a hot-spot for fans of 7 Card-Stud. With comfortable stylish rooms and a great view, it makes the casino soothes your senses. Many of the gaming tables are set-off in a semi secluded rooms, granting players ultimate setting in which to gamble.

  1. Caesar’s Palace

Here, you take yourself back to the old age of Roman dominance while you progress into the plushy Caesars palace. The classic casino has got 2 wings to meet the requirements of the wide-variety of gamblers. Olympic casino caters to gamblers on the budget, while the older wing appeals to more experienced and high priced players. Caesar’s Palace attracts many individuals who want just to look around. But whatever the category you belong, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. 

It’s the largest casino complex not only in Las Vegas, but globally. The MGM Grand makes use of its outer space granting for a comfortable playing atmosphere. It has over 165 games tables, and 3500 slot machine and video poker games. In addition, there is youth center for kids, multiple show rooms, and a 33 acre park for fun. Literarily, the casino and hotel has some-thing for everyone.

Ok, so are you thinking of taking a trip to Las Vegas? Well, the above information has given you what to expect on the unique destinations. Go and experience the magic of the place by yourself! On the other hand if you dont want to make the trip there are plenty of online casinos that you can enjoy your favourite games. When I dont visit Las Vegas or Monaco ( ok this is not happening very often I can admit that) then I usually pick a casino slots bonus from slotslounge.co.uk and play online.

The great luxury of Monaco

The Monte Carlo casino is a piece of a famous architect, Charles Garnier, who also built the mighty Paris Opera House. The Monte Carlo casino has always focused on the art of gambling. It has an unforgettable solemnity because of the frescoes painted by Boucher, the sculptures, the caryatids, its astonishing marble and gold atrium and its architecture.


It is owned by Societé des Bains de Mer, a public company, owned by the government, which, in turn, possesses most of the hotels and clubs in Monaco.

Built in 1863 and next to the sea, the Monte Carlo casino has witnessed the great evolution of Monte Carlo and has granted the gamble a nature of nobility. The Casino is also the home of the Monte Carlo Opera House.
This casino is a real benchmark for the authentic players. You can play European games like Trente et quarante, Chemin de fer, Banque á deux tableaux, Roulette and European roulette.

Nevertheless, they also have some American games like Punto Banco, Craps, American roulette, and not forget the famous Blackjack 21. They have granted it its nature of nobility recording in every square inch of its card rooms the memory of extraordinary games. And this memory makes the heart of every man who goes upstairs the prestigious casino lighten.

You have to go back in time to see the first automatic playing machines. However, they appeared in Monaco at the end of the last century in the best possible place: The Monte Carlo Casino.As a result of the invention of Jackpot in the early 1930s, the automatic machines gained popularity dramatically, until becoming one of the essential ingredients of a crazy night in Monte Carlo today.

As a curious fact, the Monaco Grand Prix track goes through the Monte Carlo casino, and sometimes the Grand Prix organisers make the ceremony in front of the building.

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