Responsible Gambling

Gambling is an entertainment activity which helps players to unwind and relax.  If you like to participate in gambling activities such as casino games, sports betting or poker, then it is imperative to understand risks associated with it.  The most potential risk associated with these activities is addictive gambling.  It is just like an addiction associated with drinking or drugs.  The sufferer seldom realizes that he or she has crossed the normal limits and has entered a dangerous zone.  In order to stay away from the negative effects of online gaming, one should follow the concept of responsible gambling.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling can be explained as a broad aspect dealing with wide variety of contexts related with gambling.  The stakeholders in gambling industry which includes both the government and service providers discuss this problem from time to time and try to control the negative aspects of gambling by opting for certain measures.  These measures adopted by online casinos and sites include the following.

  • Protection of vulnerable players
  • Prevention of underage gambling
  • Protection against fraudulent and economic offences.
  • Ensuring privacy of players’ data.
  • Ensuring prompt payments.
  • To provide fair gaming experience
  • To use ethical and responsible marketing techniques.
  • To ensure customer’s satisfaction
  • To provide reliable and safe gambling environment.

Responsible Gambling for Players

Majority of the players who get addicted to gambling do not realize they have a problem till the negative impacts of this habit start to affect their social and financial life.  Apart from the role of online casinos, it is also the responsibility of the players to follow ethical and responsible gambling.  In order to opt for safer gambling, you should follow these tips.

Tips for Responsible Gambling

The most important tips which can help a player to avoid addictive gambling include the following.

Do not make gambling your profession

Whatever is your experience with online gambling, do not opt for this activity to be your profession.  The simple fact is that online casinos are there to take money from their clients, not to give their money to them.   This clearly means that over a period of time, you will lose more money than you can win.  This fact is not only limited to online casinos but for all forms of gambling.  The common principle for all gambling activities involves big wins for minority and loses for majority of players.

Never exceed your bankroll

Every entertainment activity requires a self control, so does the gambling.  Always create limits for the money you want to spend on this activity.  This will ensure that you will not overstep your limits thus creating financial problems.

Do not chase your losses

Even if you lose some money during an episode of gambling, never try to salvage it by exceeding your bankroll limits.  This can lead to further deterioration of your financial position.

Create a time limit

It is always better to decide how much time you can afford to participate in such activities.  Once you reach the decided time limit, you must stop playing.

Never gamble to alleviate depression

Depression or tension seldom helps in making right decisions.  So participating in a gambling activity is strictly prohibited.

Never mix gambling and alcohol

It is quite common for the people to partake alcoholic beverages before or during gambling sessions.  It is a big no-no; gambling while being intoxicated can make you take certain bad decisions which you will regret later.


Why is Online Poker So Popular?

Since the time of its inception, online poker has been attracting lots of new players to the gaming sites.   In the 90s when the online version of the poker was launched, nobody seemed to have an idea about the impact it would make on the future of online gaming.  Online poker today is one of the most played card games with players from all corners of the globe.  Poker variants such Texas Hold’em and Omaha have specially witnessed a growing affinity by the online players. Compared to other casino games like blackjack, roulette or even slot games online poker has increased massively in popularity in just a decade.

Did you know? In Greece they call slot games ” froutakia ” which also mean small fruits… 🙂

The rising popularity of the online poker can be attributed to the fact that it is a great source of entertainment.

As people are getting too busy in their professions and daily life, the fun factor is just getting depleted.

By participating in online poker they are not only getting entertained but also having a chance to pit their skills against competitors from across the world.

The other factors which make online poker so popular also include the following:

Ease of Availability

The rising popularity of the online poker is due to the fact that in today’s world internet is accessible to all men and women irrespective of where they reside.  Not only they have internet connectivity via their desktops, mobiles also play an active role in internet access.

These devices allow the players to participate in their favorite game even while on the move.  If you own a mobile, the only thing further required is a reliable internet connection and you can start straightway.  You don’t have to be dependent on anyone to be your gaming partner or travel to some far corner to access the game of poker.  It is right there in your hand and you can play poker at anytime of your liking.

Competition Available 24X7

The other factor which contributes to the rising popularity of the online poker is the gaming community.

Online poker provides the player an access to a large number of players with varying degrees of experience.  Online poker community consists of a large number of skillful players who are always looking out to meet new players.  If you like to play against a veteran player to check your skills, online poker platform is the best option.

No Big Risks Involved

In order to hone your skills in poker, you require practice.  This, you cannot do by playing games with your local friends or by visiting a casino.  The online casinos and poker sites also provide their players with free poker games which are not available at the land based casinos.

 You can start playing practice games on these sites and then further add on little money in the real money games.  When you feel confident of your skills then you can opt for playing with desired amount of money against more skillful players.

Reeling in Easy Money

If you have a requisite amount of experience then you can use online poker to reel in some easy money.  The only way money can be generated in a game of poker is when you are playing against a player with lesser experience.  Online poker sites are the best options to find such small fishes.  These are the new players without any experience of the game and a shark like you can easily make them your meal.

5 Roulette Tips for Beginners

Majority of new players tend to get intimidated by game of roulette because of its numerous betting options.  In reality it is one of the easiest games provided by online and offline casinos and highly recommended for newbies to start their gaming careers.  For the uninitiated, Roulette comes in three forms which include

  • European Roulette
  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette

Each of these three variant has their own set of rules and different roulette wheels.  Even the house edge differs in all three of them as French roulette comes with the lowest house edge of 1.35 percent; European roulette with 2.67 and the American roulette with highest house edge of 5.26 percent.  As it can be quite clear from their house edges, European and French roulette are best suited for beginners.  The other tips for roulette are also discussed in this article which can help you to make a better choice while making your first wager.

Always Try Free Tables

Before putting down your first bet, it is highly recommended that you should opt for playing some spins on free table.  This will allow you to understand the working of the game as well as clearing some of your doubts related to bets.  Once you are fully assured of your capabilities only then you should consider making real money bets.

Opt for European Roulette

As mentioned earlier, European roulette comes with the lowest house edge.  The wheel of this game has 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36.  As compared to American roulette, this game only has one zero thus lowering the house edge.  On the other hand American roulette because of its double zero helps in increasing the profit margin of the operator.  The other thing which makes European roulette unique is the fact that all the numbers on wheel are placed randomly consequently decreasing the chances of a loaded game.

Opt for Tables with Less Crowd

Opting for roulette tables with fewer crowds helps a player to make betting decision at his own pace.  With too many players thronging a single table can lead to a slow game thus decreasing chances of participating in maximum number of games in shortest period of time.  The other thing which slows the pace of game is the payments being done to the other players.

Check the Wheel

Before participating in the game it is suggested that you should check the wheel by spinning it a few times.  This will help you to ascertain whether the wheel is rigged to be biased or not.  There is always a chance that a particular wheel tends to give out more odd numbers as compared to even ones or the other way.  This can help you to make better bets.  This tip is for the players who tend to go to a land based casino, if you are playing roulette online then opt only for a reputed casino or website.

Start with Outside Bets

Instead of making complicated bets which you don’t understand it is much worthwhile starting with outside bets.  These bets include betting on colours, odd or even and high or low numbers.  Though the returns on these betting options are considerably lower than the ones provided with inside bet, but by opting for the former you can win more frequently.

Casino Games Software Providers: NetEnt

NetEnt is an acronym for Net Entertainment.  This company came into existence in 1996 and is now one of the leading online gaming developers of the world.  The idea behind this huge success of NetEnt can be attributed to their vision of pushing all limits in gaming entertainment.  Today they are top rated suppliers of leading edge solutions for online as well as land based casinos.

The other thing which makes them stand apart from their competitors is the fact that NetEnt concentrates mainly on researching and developing new games rather than getting involved in operating online casinos of their own.  Even the casino games developed by this company usually provides a higher Return to Player percentage.  This means that the players playing NetEnt games can have higher payouts thus creating a whole new gaming experience for players and high retention rates for the operators.

NetEnt operates from their HQ in Sweden and also have overseas offices at Malta, Kiev, Gibraltar and Alderney.  They are also registered as a publicly traded company on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

Casino Products and Gaming Software

All of the products provided to the online casinos by NetEnt are fully integrated across all the platforms.  These state of the art solutions allow the players to easily access online gaming via mobile as well as server based terminals.  Their main products include CasinoModule to maximize reach and CasinoCafe for small businesses who wants to set up their own casinos linked by computer terminals.

NetEnt gaming software has a very broad presence in market with more than 80 online operators using their software.  Some of the top ranking casinos such as Paddy Power, Mr. Green, NordicBet, Betsson and ComeOn Casinos are currently using NetEnt gaming software.

Cross Platform Management

NetEnt always insist on pursuing the latest trends of the market.  This allows them to offer services which can be enjoyed by huge sections of online gaming community.  Their signature software product called “Net Entertainment Touch” is specifically designed to run on iOS devices and use their full potential.  Only the very best gaming products are provided under this portfolio.

The live casino provided by NetEnt comes with high resolution streaming without any virtual latency.  This allows the player to enjoy their casino games as if they are playing them live in a land based casino.  The casino gaming platform provided by NetEnt is available in more than thirty languages and provides a whole range of currencies to choose from.

NetEnt Casino Games

Apart from developing casino and card games, NetEnt are in a class of their own when it comes online video slots.  With all the competition in the slots segment, this company has invested a huge portion of their resources in developing online slots.  This results in NetEnt slot games being part of the top ranking popularity charts.  The slots developed by this company have state of the art graphics which makes them quite rich and detailed.  The special features such as bonus rounds, high definition animations and a suitable story line makes these games more realistic and entertaining.  Some of the top ranking slot games developed by NetEnt include the following.

  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Hall of Gods
  • Mega Fortune
  • The Invisible Man
  • Lost Island
  • Wild Rockets
  • Twin spin

NetEnt is also very popular for their progressive jackpots slots.  The Mega Fortune is one of the top ranking progressive slots which gave out the world’s largest jackpot of €17.8 million.

How to Access NetEnt Games

You can access games, developed by NetEnt, through the online casinos that use the gaming software provided by this company.  You can access these games by downloading the gaming software provided by the casino. You can install this program on your personal computer, laptop or any other devices without paying for anything.   The downloading process is quite simple and easy to complete.  If you do not wish to download any software then you can simply opt for the browser operative flash player version of these games.

Casino Games Software Providers: Playtech

Majority of the players participating in online games opt for those casinos which use gaming software provided by a reputed company.  Playtech is one of such reputed casino games software providers.

Playtech has been a part of the online gaming since 1999 and is considered as the leading supplier, dealing with online gambling.  Since its inception, Playtech has always maintained its approach to provide best-of-breed gaming solutions and content.  The central approach of this company is to promote continual development in the field of online gaming.

Since its origin, Playtech has seen seventeen years of continuous growth and still continues to add more points to its list of accomplishments.  In 2002, this company was the first software provider hired by the land based casinos in Europe for their online versions ( casinos in Vegas use different software).  Today this company deals with live casino, bingo, poker, live TV product and sports betting.

With dozens of oversea offices and with an army of highly skilled specialists, Playtech persists to provide first rate gaming products and services.  It is now a listed company on London Stock Exchange and a part of FTSE 250 index.

Casino Products and Gaming Software

All of the products provided to the online casinos by Playtech are fully integrated across all the platforms.  These state of the art solutions allow the players to easily access online gaming via mobile as well as server based terminals.  Playtech also provides online gaming Apps for online casino gaming, poker, sports betting, live games, bingo and fixed odds games.

Cross Platform Management

Playtech provides unified information management systems to its clients.  This helps them to broaden their sale horizon, garner player’s loyalty and increase profit. This system provides a comprehensive range of tools and services for optimization of the gaming operations.

Playtech Casino Games

Playtech provides a huge number of games suitable for all kind of players.  This company usually releases more than fifty games per year.  The classic casino games like roulette, blackjack and poker are also available on its gaming platform.

 If your interest lies in slots then Playtech also provides a huge number of slot games with different story lines.  Apart from the classic ones, you can also find other games such as keno, baccarat and scratch cards developed by this software company itself.  Playtech uses state of the art graphics and audio which makes you feel that you are playing at a real land based casino.  The casino gaming platform provided by Playtech is available in more than thirty languages and provides a whole range of currencies to choose from.

How to Access Playtech Games

You can access games, developed by Playtech, through the online casinos that use the gaming software provided by this company.  You can access these games by downloading the gaming software provided by the casino. You can install this program on your personal computer, laptop or any other devices without paying for anything.

The downloading process is quite simple and easy to complete.  If you do not wish to download any software then you can simply opt for the Flash version of these games.

Why Slot Games Are So Popular

As an ardent slot game player, you may have pondered, at some point of your life, that what is the mystique behind the slot games which make them so popular?

 Why players keep on playing slot games in an anticipation of a win on the next spin? Even though it is pretty clear to everybody that there are many other games which can be easily played to beat the house edge but still, many opt for the slot games.

All the online casino players usually spend a lot of their time on these games but very few of them have understood the mystery related to the appeal for slot machine games.  For a layman it seems that slot games induce a kind of hypnosis inside the brain of player which makes these games so irresistible.

 The other common reason given for the rising popularity of these games is that a player requires only a small amount of money usually between one to five cents to participate in such games.

So what is the real reason which makes slot games so popular?  To be honest, there is not one reason but multiple ones which make this section of casino games the most desired choice of online players.

Ease of Availability

One of the reasons behind the popularity of the slot games is the ease of their availability.  You can access any of your preferred games by using your Smartphone or any other device which allows access to the internet.  

With the availability of the internet in all parts of the world, a person can log into any of his favourite online casinos or slot game sites with just a few clicks of some buttons.

 You don’t have to get ready and travel a long distance in order to participate in your preferred game.  You can just do it by sitting in your comfortable armchair at home or even while you are travelling to and fro from job.

No Special Skills Required

The other reason which makes slot games so popular is the fact that you do not require any type of special skills to play these games.  These games are quite easy to play.  You can just learn by playing in practice mode and when you feel comfortable, simply opt for the real money version.  A player of slot games does not require any type of logical or mathematical talents to make strategies.

Don’t Need a Partner or an Opponent

Majority of the casino games require that either you play with a group of persons against the casino or against each other.  In slot games, you can just play by yourself.  You don’t need to take turns with other players or play at an extreme pace in order to counter the experienced players.  You can just play a slot game at your own pace.

 If you require some self-indulgence then you can spend a major portion of your time by just playing out, without caring whether your friends or partners are free.    

The Psychology Related to Slots

Slot games are just like mental massage or a therapeutic rest for those players who usually participate in the games which require calculations, strategies and brainstorming.  For not so devoted gamblers, these games are just pure fun and a chance to get rid of all the worries which are a part of daily life.

 These games also rely on the idea of “Good Luck”.  This psychological phenomenon provides a feeling of self control and an ability to have a grip on the fortune.  The concept of slots relies on betting a very miniscule amount of money to win a Jackpot worth a huge amount of monies.  This is quite motivational for the aficionado of slot games.        

Baccarat: How to Play This Popular Game

Baccarat is one of the most simple yet exciting game provided by the online as well as land based casinos.   This game is full of suspense and intrigue but does not require any mathematical genius to play it.  Baccarat provides only three choices of outcome to choose from, which comprise of

  • Player Win
  • Banker Win
  • Tie

In Baccarat, Banker does not stand for the house, he is just another player in the game.  You can opt to bet either on the win of a player or banker’s hand. It is always better to learn a little bit about this game before indulging in it.  Going through the rules and the game play can help you to make better strategies.

While playing Baccarat in a land based casino, you are required to place your bets either upon the player or the banker before the cards are dealt.

Game Play of Baccarat

Once all the bets are placed, two cards are dealt each for the player as well as the banker.  A dealer or a player in possession of the shoe deals the first face up card on the player’s box.  The next face up card is dealt to the banker’s box.  Similarly the second face side cards are also dealt to the player and the banker in the same routine.

Announcement of Point Total

Once all the cards are dealt, the dealer announces the point total of player’s as well as dealer’s cards.  While calculating the point total of the cards dealt, the dealer keeps the following rules in mind.

  • Tens and face card provide zero points.
  • All other cards have their own face value.
  • The ace is worth one point.

If the total of both the cards is in double digits or more than 10, then the second digit of the number is considered as the value of the hand.  For example if a player gets 9 and 5 with a total of 14 then it is a 4 point hand.  In order to win, the total of both the cards should be closer or equal to nine.

Concept of Natural Win

There is a concept of natural win in the game of Baccarat. This means that if the total of two cards, dealt for either of players, has a point of eight or nine then the winner is declared straight forward.  This ends the game and all the bets are cashed out.

Third Card in Baccarat

There is a provision of dealing a third card by the dealer.  This decision is taken by the dealer after taking in account the point total of the player and the banker.  If the player hand total is 8 or 9 then no additional card is provided.  On the other hand if player’s hand stands at 6, 7 or ranges from 0 to 5 then a third card is dealt by the dealer.

Outcome of the Game

Once all the cards are dealt, dealer counts the points.  The side with the total of 9 or closer to it is declared as the winner.  The outcome of the Baccarat is provided in the following way.

  • A bet placed on the Banker’s hand in case of a win receives an even-money payout minus 5 percent house commission.
  • A bet placed on the Player’s hand in case of a win receives an even-money payout without any deduction.
  • A bet placed on a Tie and in the case of a tie gives out 8-to-1 payout on your bet.
  • In the case of a tie if you opt for either of the first two options, bet gets returned.


3 Blackjack Tips for New Players

Blackjack is one of the easiest and most popular games played by players on online casinos but also Las Vegas casinos

If we compare the data related with the players opting for other casinos games, Blackjack is certainly on the top of the pyramid.

The major reason for the popularity of this game can be contributed to the fact that a player does not have to make too many mathematical calculations or opt for complex strategies generally required in other games.

It is quite easy for a player to learn and play online blackjack.  One just needs to go through the basic rules of the game and you are ready to rock and roll.  The standard game play of all the online versions of blackjack includes reaching the highest score of 21 or to beat the dealer’s hand.

Even though playing online version of the blackjack is quite same as that of regular blackjack, but there are some variants of this game which comes with different set of rules.  In order to avoid any surprises it is always better that you should go through the rules related to that particular variant.

Albeit being a fast paced game and with a very low house edge, Blackjack still requires full attention of the player.  There are some tips which can be followed by new players to better their chances of scoring more wins.

Follow the Basic Strategy

If you can memorize when to hit, split, stand or double down during the game of Blackjack then the house edge can be substantially decreased. You can follow these basic strategies to be more successful.

  • Opt for “Stand” if you have a hand in the range of 12-16 and the dealer’s hand is in the range of 2-6.
  • Opt for “Hit” if you have a hand in the range of 12-16 and the dealer’s hand is in the range of 7-Ace.
  • Always opt for splitting 8s and Aces.
  • Opt for Double 11 vs. dealer’s 2-10

It is always better to write down these basic strategies on a card for reference so that you don’t get confused during the game. If you want to learn strategy our best resource is wizzard of odds

Do Not Opt For Insurance

Unless you are an expert in counting cards, do not opt for buying an insurance.  Buying insurance means that you have made an additional bet with extra money based on an inkling that the dealer will hit a Blackjack.  According to the experts, buying insurance can increase the house edge up to six percent.  It is always better to check the dealer’s card as what he gets can make a lot of difference for the player.

Always Start with Small Bets

As common with any unknown situation, it is always better to gauge it first rather than to go in on full throttle.  When you start always go with the small bets in order to take in account the direction or flow of the game.  By doing so you can perceive whether the dealer is in a hot or cold streak.  If you feel that the dealer is on fire then you can get out of the game and try your luck at a later time.

You should also put a cap on the amount of money for each round of Blackjack.  Just set a limit on the amount of money you are ready to lose and never go beyond that limit.  Do not burn your bankroll in order to score some freebies provided by the online casinos.  If you think that negative variance is hitting you, then move on and get out of the game.

Blackjack vs. Roulette: Which is the best game?


If we consider characteristics of both Blackjack and Roulette, they don’t have anything in common.  While the first one is a card game which involves competing with the dealer to hit a blackjack, the other one is played by using a spinning wheel to bet upon certain numbers, colors and other choices provided on the game board.

If we ask this question to the aficionados of both games each one might have their own reasons to favor their favorite game.  Some people who like to play roulette online have certain reasons favoring the online version as compared to the one played in land based casinos.  Same goes for the people who like to play Blackjack.

In this article we will go through some of the major differences between these two games so that you can select the right one as your favorite.  While going through the characteristics of blackjack in this article, you should keep in mind that there are many variants of Blackjack currently available at casinos and we are only discussing classic Blackjack here.

Difference of Odds

The odds provided in the game of Roulette never change.  They do not depend upon the course of the game nor on the results of previous bets.  For example the odds of betting on black are always in the range of 18/38 to 18/37 in the favor of a player to win the bet.  This happens because each spin is totally independent.  So when you are playing roulette, try to acknowledge this simple fact and do not try to find an edge in this game by taking into consideration the previous spins.  

In the game of Blackjack the results are totally dependent upon the previous results and the quality of the remaining cards in the deck.  Just consider a situation where all the aces have been already dealt, then analyse your chances to hit a blackjack.  In this game, once a card is dealt it is gone out of the game.  This totally changes the composition of the deck as well as the outcomes along with increasing the house edge.

Concept of Strategy vs. Chance

If the game of Roulette is based on pure chance and luck, Blackjack requires game strategy and ability to count cards.  A smart player can easily change the house edge of Blackjack in his favor while in the case of Roulette it is not possible.  The house edge in Roulette never changes whatever the circumstances may be, it will remain the same.  For example in American Roulette the house edge stands at 5.26 percent.  It will remain same through the whole course of the game without getting affected by the outcomes of previous spins.

The game of Blackjack provides its players with a chance to make certain decisions through course of the game which can make house edge to go in any of the two ways between the dealer or the player.  It is quite common for experienced players to use some basic strategies which involve mathematically correct decision for a particular situation.  They use their memory to make that decision.     


If we consider the pace of both the games, Blackjack is bit faster as compared to roulette in wagers being made per hour.  You can play up to 60 hands if there are other five players on the table.  On contrary, if you are playing roulette with five players then chances are that you will have 30 to 35 spins per hour.

Does this favor Blackjack over Roulette? Certainly it does not.  Selecting between these two games depends upon your gaming style and personality.  If you want a slow paced, elegant game based on chance and luck then Roulette is certainly the best choice.  While a penchant for card games and ability to enjoy a challenge of making a strategy and correct decisions makes  Blackjack your preferred choice.